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Bopath Falls



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Location :

District :Rathnapura Nearest Town : Kuruwita Height : 30m

Introduction in brief :

This water fall is also identified as one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Since the shape of the cascade is similar to a 'Bo' leave (Ficus Religiosa), the fall has given its name. It is formed with Kuruganga River originated from Samanala Kanda (Adam's peak) range of mountains.

Since the annual rain fall received by the catchments area of the fall is more than 5000mm, the average flow of the fall is not less than 6 cubic meters per second.

Bopath Falls Rock Chalets as the name says it is a rustic, nature friendly holiday resort situated on the banks of the beautiful Bopath Falls in a picturesque village in Kuruwita. Bopath Fall Rock Chalets are for outdoor enthusiasts and the area's abundant lush greenery and flora, the remote wilderness and of course the captivating Bopath Fall are for real adventure holiday.

Folklore says :

Once a young pilgrim was lost his way in the jungle and rescued by a beautiful girl in a nearby village. Finally they were fallen in love & the girl become pregnant before he left for his relatives promising to return. Since he did not return, the girl suicide; leaping from the top of the fall. Villagers believe that the ghost of the girl is still haunting at the fall.

Routes :

Colombo → Eheliyagoda(A4) → Kuruwita → Bopath fall Colombo → Eheliyagoda (A4) → " Junction (before Kuruwita)" → Bopath fall

Road condition :

can be managed by a car

Special Notes :

Beware on rapid increase of water level


Activities to do :

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