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Sri Lanka is blessed with a stunning blue ocean around it and the beauty of it amazingly keeping nature lovers attracted to it. This amazing ocean can be identified as a paradise composed of colorful aquatic animals and plants, for who loves diving and underwater photography. Divers and photographers can have the guidance of well-trained guides for ensure their safety and achieve a supreme experience.

Diving in Sri Lankan seas is a popular as a non-competitive activity. Such diving usually emphasizes the airborne experience, and the height of the dive, but does not emphasize what goes on once the diver enters the water. Entering water from a height is an enjoyable leisure activity, as is underwater swimming.

Sri Lankan seas are very popular for the high bio-diversity. Most nature lovers, scientists and also normal tourists come to Sri Lanka especially for see the beautiful under water animal kingdoms hidden under the Indian Ocean. Because of the Coral gardens in these sea sides the divers are amazed and thrilled by the beauty of this paradise.


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