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Jungle walk is the best way to observe wildlife, watch birds, reptiles, butterflies, insects at their most natural behavior and study them. Sri Lanka has several forest reserves for trekking even though it is merely of 65000 square meters.

Sigiriya, Bodhinagala rain forest, Rumassala, Thangamalay forest reserve, Udawaththakale royal forest park, Kanneliya, Nakiyadeniya, dediyagala are just a few well known forests for taking a stroll filled with interesting things to see. Walking in these forests or jungles you will be able to catch sight of many of rare flora and fauna. You get to walk through a canopy of thick forest growth which makes the forest a little bit dark. You might be able to witness many of Sri Lanka's endemic species and can take rare photographs or collect information if you are interested in wildlife as a hobby.

The only thing to keep in mind is to keep quiet and not to disturb the natural lifestyle of the species while having the walk or you won't be able to see them at all.


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if you are interested in this activity. and you are willing to engage in these, the following places are for you..